Co-Op Funds and Local Marketing: An Interactive Guide for National Brands to Drive Revenue Through Dealers, Agents, Distributors and Franchisees.

This interactive guide takes a deeper dive into the co-op findings from Brandmuscle's State of Local Marketing Report. 

Co-op funding has a major impact on local marketing adoption and success, so why aren't local affiliates using it?

  • They don't have enough points or money
  • The process is too complex
  • There's a lack of education that the funds are available or expiring
  • The tactics that the affiliates use are not covered
  • The eligible creative doesn't work for the affiliate

This eBrochure provides a breakdown of change in co-op spend since 2011 and shows co-op spend compared to media use and satisfaction. We challenged brand marketers to take a fresh look at their co-op marketing programs by asking six core questions.

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