Gleanster's State of Co-Op and MDF Report – Benchmarking the Success and Failure of Co-Op and MDF Programs

Learn practical and actionable insights that can shape and influence brand marketing investments in co-op and MDF from Gleanster.

Sponsored by Brandmuscle, this findings report explores feedback from senior executives in brand marketing who are responsible for co-op and MDF investments, as well as the local business owners these programs are intended to help. The purpose is to help brand marketers identify and prioritize investments so that they can strategically manage co-op and MDF programs for an optimal return on investment.

This report includes:

  • Why billions of dollars in MDF and co-op funds are reported unused every year
  • Recommendations about how companies can emulate “Co-Op and MDF Brand Leaders,” that grow annual revenue with superior adoption of co-op and MDF programs.
  • Help for brand marketers to build a business case for investing in optimizing co-op and MDF.

Key findings:

  • 83% of brand marketers believe MDF and co-op programs have an impact on annual sales
  • Leaders tend to make smaller annual brand investments in co-op and MDF that are more strategic, so failure and opportunities for optimization are easier to identify
  • On average, 52% of available co-op and MDF program funds are used by local businesses, leaving an estimated $33 billion of unused annual funds on the table

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