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The State of Local Marketing Report: A Roadmap for 2015 & Beyond

Find out what's working (and not) in local marketing based on our study of leading national brands and their local dealers, agents, franchisees

Marketing has likely changed more in the past two years than the previous fifty. The emergence of new media has changed the ways we market and left brands and local affiliates alike wondering how to keep up.

We reached out to hundreds of local dealers, agents and franchisees and uncovered what works, what doesn't and what will be hot in 2015 to help you chart your local marketing roadmap for the years ahead.

This report will help you learn:

  • How national brands can help their local affiliates execute more effective local marketing campaigns
  • Why local affiliates are slow to adopt digital marketing and social media and how you can help them make the leap
  • How brands have shifted their co-op investments over the past three years
  • How to increase the ROI of traditional tactics like newspaper by executing in non-traditional ways
  • Ways to track and measure your local marketing ROI

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