Local Marketing Automation Whitepaper

Gleanster's latest Deep Dive explores the local marketing technology landscape and justifying your investment

Managing multi-channel communications for a single corporate brand is challenging enough for marketing departments. If your company's marketing team supports a network of dealers, agents, franchisees, independent retailers distributors, etc., you know it's exponentially harder to manage brand consistency and the customer experience in this distributed marketing environment.

This report includes:

  • Definition of local marketing automation
  • Deep dive on available technologies for distributed marketers
  • Nuances of campaign management, email marketing, marketing automation and digital asset management
  • How to justify your investment in local marketing automation software
  • Gleanster's recommendations for local marketing automation

Key findings:

  • Top Performers are 9x more likely to leverage local marketing automation tools
  • Top Performers using local marketing automation technology reported 300% or more increases in revenue growth within the first 12 months of investing in the technology
  • 76% of Top Performers indicated divesting of legacy processes was one of two top challenges with investing in local marketing automation

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